Club Repeater

The Jayhawk Amateur Radio Society operates a 2 meter repeater on 147.15+ Mhz. Although this is an open repeater for any properly licensed amateur radio operator, the repeater can only be accessed using encode and decode tones of 151.4 Hz. These tones prevent the repeater and user from being affected by persistent interference. On Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM local, a general interest net can usually be found operating on the repeater. This net is also open and everyone is invited to check in.

The repeater is located on top of the high rise at 61st & Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas.

Coordinates of the Repeater are as follows:

Latitude is 39.1431 N (39° 8' 35" N)

Longitude is 94.7196 W (94° 43' 11" W)

Grid square: EM29pd

The omnidirectional antenna is situated at a height of approximately 140 feet. The repeater configuration consists of:

Controller: Arcom Controller
Repeater: Yaesu VT-5000
Antenna: Andrew Corporation, Decibel DB224-E (omni-directionally configured)
Input Frequency: 147.750 MHz
Output Frequency: 147.150 MHz
Encode tone: 151.4
Decode tone: 151.4
Power Output: 25 Watts
Mode: Frequency Modulation
Call Sign: WØLB/R

Interested users can test their audio quality and how well they are getting into the repeater by sending the following DTMF codes: "123456". The repeater will respond with "The Echo Monitor is Ready". You can transmit up to 10 seconds and the repeater will play back your transmission.